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Why You Should Join Us

If you are in a holding pattern, confused, or overwhelmed in trying to create profits online, then you should join our community.  You may want to make money online in the worst way but simply don't know how to translate that into a thriving, sustainable business?  You, too, should join our community.

My name is Todd Snively.  I just turned 60 years old.  I love what I do so much that I never want to traditionally "retire."  

I started my first conventional business back in 1983, and I have generated over 100 Million in revenue since then and creating profits online since 2002.  With almost 40 years of business experience, I've learned a thing or two.  

While most think of me as "The Amazon Guy," the truth is I have six multi-million dollar online profit centers that have nothing to do with Amazon.  My Amazon business is 99% outsourced and takes almost none of my time.  This outsourcing allows me to pursue my other online interests, and now I want to be part of building the finest make-money online community out there.

I am too old and don't have the time to play games when it comes to making money online, so I wanted to create a safe community to learn, have fun, and network with others with access to the highest level of online education to create profits online.  We want you to be able to connect to others in a community that enjoys this as much as you do . . . and loves to talk about it.  Once you get to know me, you will realize that I don't take anything "too seriously," but I am passionate about making money online and helping others, and I like having a good time doing it.

My partner in this community is Elena Saris.  She has been creating profits online since 2014.  In 2017 she was able to retire from a rewarding but stressful career as a criminal defense attorney because of her success in e-commerce.  Since then, she has branched out to affiliate marketing, book publishing, and coaching.  Her unique background (which includes a stint as a stand-up comic) gives her the incomparable ability to entertain while educating and an accurate understanding of the struggles of folks new to the online money-making space.

What You'll Get

Dedicated Conversation Space

Creating Profits Online Mastermind is a private space and a distraction-free home for all your questions about making money online.  

And, yes, we have the "Water Cooler" area for you to have fun.  Feel free to post animated GIFs, your latest "Dad" joke, or have an off-topic conversation. 

Collaborative Learning/Mastermind Calls

Meet with us twice a month via Zoom calls to get all your questions answered personally during these live sessions.

We're a community of experience -- not "know-it-alls."  The online income world is constantly changing, with new ideas and strategies being discovered continuously.  We will learn together and guide you through those changes, so you are always supported in your journey.

Within this fantastic community, you'll find courses, posts, polls, blogs, podcasts, online events, and lots of great sessions on mindset, core aspects of any online income platform, best practices, and tons of tips and strategies for success.

Intentional Networking

We love to watch how our members connect.  We've seen alliances forged and friendships formed that have led to incredible successes neither party would have found on their own.

We make it easy for you to connect with others in real life (if you like that) to talk strategy and all things about Creating Profits Online.

About Us

We set out to build a community dedicated to creating profits online the right way.  To do that, we joined forces with others just as passionate about it as we are.

Our founders include me, Todd Snively, and Elena Saris.  It's a power-packed duo for a reason - we want to offer you incredible value.

We will empower you with control over your resources and help you learn how to create profits online without the risk of wasting time and money trying to guess what works and what does not work.

Someone accused me of having the "Midas Touch" the other day because everything I do turns to gold, and I took that as an insult.  It minimizes how hard I've worked.  It wasn't easy, but it'd be much easier if I had to do it all over again, knowing what I now know.  It's that knowledge I want to pass on to you.

Our community will provide everyone with a place where we will provide insight into programs, tools, launches, etc., to help you avoid making the wrong choices on this journey.  I understand the value of a good community, and this culture is what we genuinely want to create here with you.  This project is in its infancy, which is a massive plus for you because it's what I call "almost free."  In another year, do not be surprised when the fee is ten times what it is now, but you are grandfathered in at whatever price you joined at, as long as you stay a member.

Along those lines, we will be purchasing agency rights to numerous products and done for you landing pages, etc., to shortcut your way to profitability.  Your small monthly investment in this community will give you access to tens of thousands of dollars of training and resources.  Communities like this charge $5-10,000 per year to be a part of.

Why You Should Join Us

It should be no secret that trying to make money online without a solid community is 100 times harder than when you can immerse yourself into a community that cares and provides you with the tools to be successful.

I have created numerous profitable companies in my 40 years as an entrepreneur and want this project to be one where I can give back in a very tangible way to whoever wants to come on this ride with me.

If you join this community and take advantage of what it has to offer, there is no doubt in my mind that you'll be able to reach your goal of creating profits online.

Affiliate marketing will be my focus for the next five years and, therefore, one of the primary focuses of this group.  However, there's no escaping the fact that I am an eight-figure Amazon seller and people still seek me out for Amazon training, so there will be that also.  Elena has created successful businesses in Amazon, Shopify, KDP, POD, and affiliate marketing, so whatever platform you choose to make money online, we can help you succeed at it.

A Big Thanks

By making this a paid community, we increase the odds that those who choose to join us will be motivated to become successful and see the benefit of helping others.  

We will add more resources and benefits as we continue to grow.  When members run across an asset that they feel will benefit the entire membership, let us know about it, and we'll make the investment and provide as much access as possible.

We will be keeping the cost of this membership as low as possible by providing you with affiliate links for services, tools, etc., that we've vetted and feel are to your benefit to use.  This way, that company is providing our community revenue that isn't coming out of your pocket.

We look forward to meeting you and having you be a part of our amazing community to help you create profits online.

Todd & Elena